Laws committee

Laws Committee

The Laws Committee (LC) acts as a liaison between the Taxation Section and the taxing authorities. As part of that function, the LC meets with leaders of the Oregon Department of Revenue several times each year to discuss policy issues, including legislative and rulemaking proposals, program changes within the Department, and ways to work together to communicate with taxpayers effectively about state tax law.

The LC, through volunteers from the Taxation Section, reviews Oregon tax bills as they work their way through the legislative process. The LC’s goals are to minimize confusing or ambiguous language and to alert responsible persons in the Legislature and the Department of Revenue to provisions that may have consequences not intended by the proponents. The LC also reviews draft proposals of Oregon Administrative Rules with similar goals.

The LC also takes on special projects that fit within its overall mission, subject to the Oregon State Bar’s procedural requirements where applicable.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Laws Committee, contact chair Valerie Sasaki [email protected]

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