2023 Taxation Section Stipend Recipient

2023 – Kim Truong

About Me:

I am a second year law student at the University of Oregon Law School primarily studying different areas in business law. I am interested in business law because my parents are small business owners. When we moved to Oregon in 2006, they opened their first restaurant and I grew up in the restaurant. I have always been interested in the legalities of running a business and hope to help other small business owners.

My Stipend work:

Over the summer between my first and second year of law school, I got the opportunity to extern at the Oregon Tax Court. I was able to draft two judicial opinions and write one research memorandum. Additionally, I was able to observe case management conferences, trials, oral arguments, and bailiff for one of the in person trials.

Despite all the interesting work that I was able to participate in, my highlight of the summer was getting to work with the individuals at the Tax Court. They were great mentors and have taught me so much.

How my stipend helped me:

The stipend allowed me to explore opportunities that I would have never considered as a low-income student. When I noticed that an opportunity was going to be unpaid for the summer, I was reassured that I would be able to participate because the stipend covered my basic needs. Additionally, the stipend allowed me to consider unpaid opportunities outside of Eugene, hence why I was able to extern in Salem.

Plans for the Future:

After my summer externship concluded, I was provided the opportunity to interview with Thorp Purdy, a law firm in Springfield, Oregon. I was then offered a position for the upcoming summer as a law clerk with their firm. I hope to be able to continue my work with them after graduating from law school.