Message from the Oregon Tax Court Re: Deadlines

To all Oregon Tax Court stakeholders:

This message is to inform you that Chief Justice Walters has issued Chief Justice Order 20-027, extending statutory time periods and time requirements in certain Oregon Tax Court appeals.  The Tax Court has posted a copy of the order on its website here.  The order is authorized by Section 6 of House Bill 4212 (2020), which the Governor signed on June 30.  The order applies to the initiation of appeals to either division of the Tax Court and generally extends the appeal deadline to 60 days after the end of the COVID‑19 emergency period.  Note that the extension differs from the extension the legislature adopted for commencement of civil actions.  (Compare to Section 7 of HB 4212.)  In addition, the order authorizes the Tax Court Judge, or his delegate, to extend statutory deadlines that apply after the initiation of a proceeding.

Please direct any questions to Rocco Lieuallen at: [email protected]

Best wishes,

Rocco Lieuallen

Tax Court Administrator
Oregon Tax Court